How To Be A Responsible Bitch: & Take Your Life To New Heights (Paperback)

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Learn How To To Stop The Thoughts That LeadsTo Anger In As Little As Three Minute

Anger is an emotion, caused by unwanted thoughts. If we can interrupt the unwanted thought, we can intercept outbursts of anger. The question then becomes, how do Icontrol the the unwanted thoughts. Providing you with the answers to this kind of question is exactly why the author, Troy Byer wrote this book. Byer knows anger all too well. One of the reasons she pursued a doctorate in clinical psychology is because she was deeply committed to understanding her own emotional challenges, especially anger. According to Byer, this book is all about teaching us women how to handle our anger in such a way that our anger can work for us, serving as access to our power. She uses real case scenarios to demonstrate to her readers the distinct differences between a reckless bitch and a Responsible Bitch. Byer writes, "Being a Bitch is very much like being a driver of a car. You're not always driving, but when you are driving, you always have two options when presented with stressors, threats or challenges. You can be a reckless driver, or you can be a responsible driver. The same holds true for being a Bitch. We are not always a bitch but when Bitch mode kicks into high gear, we can choose to be a reckless bitch and indulge in behavior that drives our lives into a ditch, or we can be a Responsible Bitch and produce results that will inevitably take our lives to new heights.
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ISBN: 9780980176391
ISBN-10: 0980176395
Publisher: Troy Byer
Publication Date: October 26th, 2017
Pages: 156
Language: English