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Moriarty: Clockwork Empire

Moriarty: Clockwork Empire

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Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Titan Comics
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In an alternate history of the London you know and love, Holmes and Watson are on the case of evil card-playing clockwork automatons, the case of a monstrous beast killed in the smoky backroom of an opium den, and the strange alter ego of one Henry Jekyll…

These gory tales are brought to vivid life by superstar artist Stevan Subic, who is currently collaborating with The Batman star Paul Dano on Riddler: Year One!

In a dark and grimy steam-powered alternate history, Holmes and Watson are still on the case! In this gothic horror-tinged retelling of the classic duo, they’ll face down the legendary Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, a villainous card playing automaton and the mystery of a hulking monster shot down in an opium den. Who could be behind all these Machiavellian schemes? Holmes only has one clue… M.O.R.I.A.R.T.Y…

About the Author

Fred Duval was born in Rouen, 1965. A screenwriter and illustrator, and a lover of all things steampunk, he co-created the historical series Hauteville House with Thierry Gioux, is currently adapating the novel Water Lillies with Didier Cassegrain, and wrote the cycling doping scandal thriller Les Porteurs d'eau.

Jean-Pierre Pécau was born in Paris. In 1980 he helped import Dungeons and Dragons to France. His first comic title was Zentak which he followed with Little Blade Nash and then his bestseller The Secret History.

Stevan Subic is a Serbian comic artist, who has worked on Chrisopher Bec’s Conan series, worked alongside Blizzard on various projects and is due to make his DC Comics debut illustrating Riddler: Year One, written by The Batman star Paul Dano.

Praise for Moriarty: Clockwork Empire

"A spiritual successor to Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...the character cameos are tons of fun, and the art is excellent. 9/10!" Comical Opinions

"Gorgeously-rendered Victoriana, with huge attention to detail." - Paul Cornell

"A thrilling steampunk twist on classic gothic horror, this "Clockwork Empire" rules!" - Matt Morrison, Comics Historian

"Icons of historic literature cross paths in a comic unlike anything else on the shelves. You need this!" - Blake's Buzz