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Four Ranchers' Bride: A Reverse Harem Romance (Love by Numbers #3)

Four Ranchers' Bride: A Reverse Harem Romance (Love by Numbers #3)

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Publication Date: March 3rd, 2020
Independently Published
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Four hot, lonely ranchers want to claim me as their own... Well, they're going to have to learn to share.
Running away from the stifling heat of Las Vegas and into the cool hills on Montana was the only choice for me.
But when I took the vet job in Break-Ridge ranch, I didn't expect to meet them.
Four tall, rugged and handsome ranchers.
Each one is more gorgeous than the last.

There's Hank. Tall. Solidly built. Tough.
Ace. Intelligent, patient, and charming.
Seki. Sculpted, wild and utterly masculine.
And finally...there's Ben. My first true love who left me heartbroken when I was seventeen.

Four men want me all at once. It's overwhelming, yet I can't stop myself.
With them, things can get out of hand easily, but I can't find a reason to say no.
I need all their hands on my body, touching me, taking me.
That's when one sinful night leads to another, and one day I wake up to a big surprise...

-- I'm about to be a mom.

Nicole's Note Four Ranchers' Bride is an exciting and thrilling romance in my new Reverse Harem Romance series - Love by Numbers. It's the 3rd book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone. I've also included a preview of the next book in the series for you. Happy reading

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